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ABOUT Drs. Hawks, Besler, & Rogers

Vision is probably the most important of all senses . . . sight is responsible for over 80% of the things we learn. Since it is such a precious possession, it should be treasured and protected like no other. It is our goal to provide the most precise, comfortable, and efficient vision possible for you. We will strive to offer you all the options available to meet your visual needs. We hope your visit with us is a pleasant and enjoyable one. We appreciate your trust in us and the opportunity to serve you, your family and friends.


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Terry Hawks, OD, FAAO
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Greg Besler, OD, FAAO
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Jason Rogers, OD
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Jon Stoppel, OD


Examination and Treatment

Your thorough visual analysis will consist of a complete evaluation of your eye health and visual condition. Once a diagnosis has been made and if treatment is indicated, we may recommend the use of spectacles, contact lenses, visual training, or prescribe appropriate medications for the eye.

Refractive Surgery

Drs. Hawks, Besler, Rogers, & Gerson are certified refractive surgery consultants. As such, we are capable of evauluating and educating patients in regard to refractive surgery, as well as performing follow-up care post-surgically. Through Laser Vision Associates, we are now able to offer on sight LASIK surgery! This is an exciting new field in eye care and we want 0ur patients to be properly informed when considering reractive surgery as an option. If you have any questions qbout refractive surgery, feel free to discuss this with one of the doctors or our refractive surgery coordinator.


The doctors also work closely with a number of cataract surgeons in the area to co-manage patients with cataracts. We perform the pre-operative evaluation and manage patient care after surgery for the convenience of the patient.

Same Day Service

With the addition of our "In House" finishing laboratory, most spectacle lenses are now made on the premises. This not only reduces delivery time but improves quality control. In case of an emergency, we can often have single vision glasses ready in less than an hour.

Frames & Lenses

A wide selection of fashion frames and the newest innovations in lenses are available. Sport lenses, non-RX sunglasses, and video display terminal lenses are also available. A 20% discount is given on your second pair of glasses when ordered within 60 days of the first. We will strive to meet your special vision needs with the latest technical advancements available.

Eye Disease & Injury

Drs. Hawks, Besler, Rogers, & Gerson are board certified to treat certain eye diseases and injuries, including eye infections and removal of objects from the eye. We are happy to provide your family with 24 hour emergency care.

Low Vision

We are proud to be able to offer low vision services. If you or anybody you know has vision problems that can not be corrected with glasses or contacts, we may be able to help you. We have a large selection of magnifiers and other devices that may be able to help you read, write, or drive.

Sunglass Boutique

Studies have shown that ultraviolet rays contribute to cataracts and other eye disorders. Protection from these rays is important year round. With this in mind we have stocked our boutique with sunglasses which provide ultraviolet protection and quality optics. You'll be surprised at the low fees for such high quality lenses. Selections include such lines as Oakley, DKNY, and Ralph Lauren.